With a knife (a tool like all others) Move it around you in cuts and stabs. Remember how a bread knife works and apply what you learned there to this. You will not cut well in a simple arch. You have to draw the blade through it. That is why knives that have bellies (curve) cut easier than lined blades which have other jobs they suit like working with wood and shaving so pretty much the work in the kitchen and the cow graveyard abide the same principles. Now move the knife so the butt is forward in the motion as to strike with it or to cut in the second part of the motion (just like we put our arms around one another in a hug and than tap each other on the back so can you place the knife at the back and than draw it to create minimal damage and spray to all parties involved) Now, Move the knife so the movement will include parts of you or a friend if you have that posibility and move as little as you can to keep safe and stay close to the person with the knife. Now Place one hand on the wall and don’t move it. Have a friend attack you (both knife and body or even cursing and throwing stuff) and you have that space to move and live. Reverse and return the favor without malice. Now stand close to the wall and do the same. use the wall as a disarm (bring the knife tip first into the wall and the hand will either let go or cut itself, being stiff in your head can be hard on you) and so on. Explore slowly how you can use movement of the limbs and body to divert the path of the blade. A pivot point can be worked in several directions and you can even take the knife away by the blade itself. Especially if you have something to wrap it with like a book, some clothing or another attacker. Thanks for listening.

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