Ask yourself what is martial art. For example people call snipers those who can shoot with a special rifle very accuratly and at amazing distances. Most look at the nifty clothes and the painted face and say: that is a sniper. Reality has more to offer. The sniper is a proffetional soldier who’s training and apptitude enables him or her to survive tasks that entail: camoflage themselves plus kit in the field and maintain their health and kit during long periods of working seperately from the mother unit. Being able to navigate in all conditions avoiding detection and leaving no trace in the field of their existance and work. being inteligent to make the choice of doing the job or another secondery job. Being humble in accordance to their abilities and reporting back to the unit of what they see so the inteligence can be used to the outmost effect. Recognizing the targets withing hostile and dangerous conditions and making the right choice as to route and means to an end. Planning several scenerios of conduct if things go smoothly or not so much. Being able to thing on the go if unexpected factors arise and most important of all, being able to return from a mission to be able to deploy again and learn both from one’s actions and from another’s  NOW can you tell me honestly that fighting in the street is just hitting each other. The way you carry yourself and respond to your surroundings tells the attackers what might happen and can be called no contact work 🙂 Awareness to your place and knowing what you can and cannot handle will tell you what logical means can be taken and how to think on the fly. Using whatever is there in front of you: A metla pen, a suitcase, someone else’s arm and car mirrors can alter the balance of the situation alltogether. Your initial posture as first contact is made will most probably be paramount to the ending of it (remember all is connected)

Now: look around you wherever you are and start counting the things you can use to survive such an encounter: In your room there is a chair most likely, a pen and some books, a picture with glass covering it that can be fashioned Mcguiver style into many things such as a blade or reflecting mirror to look past corners. The only limits are inside of you.

Now take a bottle of water (plastic) about 1/2 a litter size works best and using just your forearm and hand rotate it on the horizontal plane so it turns in your hand back and forth. Do the same on the vertical plane and finally around the hand and back. To work this keep very close to the bottle. Don’t throw it in the air and catch it again. Maintain contact with the bottle (or in class or a fight with the  others) and you will have done the same work using less movement and more control. 

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