There is one girl in my ballet class that has natural flexibility that is amazing. She can do the splits in the air and a bridge without effort. She is also pretty and a great person but that is not the point right now 🙂 Consider this if you are rolling and finding that you are hitting the ground or jumping into it too often, slow down and check these things. Not all of us have that gift and we have to work harder on certain fields: Are your hands palms and fingers directed toward your destination ? If not where do they point and and at what angle to your destination. Experiment with reverse vector and see how this changes the roll. Now move to the feet. Do they point in the direction you are going ? It’s natural to walk or go where your feet are headed (hmmm head-ed ! think about it) Take care and advantage of this. Now put your hands on your hips and do the sailor walk. Now prepare to roll and see if you are stiff in the hips and forcing some other part of you to tense in that chain of movement ?  The reverse vector also works if you are working pistols knives and rifles. The reverse vector lets you do work while in transition but be careful not to harm yourself in trying to do work. Many become fixated on grabing a hand or drawing a pisto quickly. The objective is not the work but the outcome. Consider a man with a handgun in his waistband who simply rotates the gun while held in the pants and firing through it. Limitations are not just but mostly of the mind

If you are naturaly flexible than your joints are more prone to injury due to the extra range of motion and lack of power throughout that range. that is why it can hurt such people to run and do power work like lifting iron… Think about it and be healthy. 

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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  1. What does it mean by Reverse vector?
    Generally when I roll(badly) – its left hand palm downfacing forward, right hand extended outpalm up – back of hand making contact with floor.


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