One of the best things in the Ryabko way of teaching is the lack of insturction. By getting things done your way you truely get to know yourself and by getting only principle and tasks you find your way without any copy catting. That is my view and my lesson learned by getting to ask the right questions for myself and by given ways to test my honesty.  (for example the simple stand up and lie down. There are infinite variation, do 100 and don’t repeat anything, it will show you much more than rolling for half an hour each day the same way. )

here: go to the ground with no padding. A stone floor will do. Start to move along with your breath and don’t stop for 10 minutes. Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you think this gets hard. Don’t be surprised if you feel more than bodily things during and after. The first time we jump we are not brave. The second one … 

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