I have already wrote about walking on your feet and fists and I want to write again on how great this is. It teaches you to rely on your structure becasue we are not built to travel that way so we tire. The same way we tire if we walk hunched or without rytheming with your breath. Now as you are on all 4s Regulate each step with your breath. Walk softly and make as little noise as possible. If you need rest than rest in this position and this will motivate you. See if you can travel with your trunk aligned  or do you navigate with your hips or shoulders ? Can you change course using both ? This is great to release all the levers as you are actually levering yourself to some extant with the ground and it’s normal so next time someone levers you you will not get too exited. 

 To deal with a knife that is swift and at you like someone swinging his blade from side to side to fast for you to even see the blade well go for the higher lever like the elbow or knee or whatever suits your way of movement. You can also use distance to your advantage as the other person is deep in the close zone you can hit him with a chair or a broom or your jacket and even shout or spit on him. Moving from the body is even more important in this situation as you have to present a front that may be cut but you must avoid being stabed in the trunk. Don’t think a cut to the hand is easy either. You have to be determined to survive and act ruthlesly. If he wants to show off by stabing you a few times that is where he is right now. Don’t be angry with him becasue this is not about you. Don’t pity him either since this is his choice for the moment. Hit him hard and take the spirit away from him, Better he loose an eye or break a knee than you getting internal blood leaking on your insides. It’s simple.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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