A few gorund movement basics: Start from sitting down on your behind. lift the torso and legs so you are on your behind and your hands are on the knees. Start to rock like a boat forward and backwards as a whole. Think the body as a one piece of wood (yea I know) so everything moves together. Now rock from side to side shifting the mass or pressing each hip to the ground at a time.  Once those are “mastered” you can do rounds and play with it. Next streatch the body on the ground and press your mass to one shoulder and oposing knee or foot. You create a mini bridge and use the imbalance to turn the body on the axis this creates. If you want to shift sides you need a bigger arch so use the foot flat on the ground or heel pressed to the ground. One nice way to use this is to hit the shins of an approaching person. you wait for the right moment and turn as if you are rolling ups his shins. You can add a hit if you think it is needed and take a better look on all that is around you. To better incorporate you breath into this try to jump whine in this “boat position” you raise your arms and legs, bring up your chest and last your hips off the ground. It is easy to do once you practice this wave slowly a few times. do it according to your breath and it will be come fun. 

To learn to use your arms and legs better it is best to first keep them out of the way. Roll on the ground using your legs and torso, your head (the body follows the eyes) and keep the arms from entangling or acting as stops. Once you can do this easily try to use the arms as pivots (for example you can put one arm across the back and create a roll to one side instead of a backwards roll)  

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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