This is a reverse drill that builds up so take the lessons of the steps and enjoy. Start by closing one eye and walking in a small circle. Notice how your field of vision changes and with a partner position yourself so you define the limits of your field. Now start moving slowly (both of you). Your goal is to keep him or her out of your sight which is opposite to the primal urge to focus on moving objects and human faces. Notice items and boarders in your sight  (the grass and the shadow of the tree in it and the line that seperated the sand from the grass …) Don’t focus on the people if you are working within a crowd and keep searching all the time for what you haven’t noticed. This builds exellent observation skills and an ability to avoid being transfixed by sharp movements and seeing the second attacker. Reverse your eyes and than the roles and exchange your thoughts of what you felt during this drill. Did you both consider your goals met ? Did you adjust well ? and so forth. If you are steping into a low light enviroment or a sharp contrast from light to dark or in reverse use rapid blinking and looking from the sides of the eyes and closing one eye at a time to adjust. This maintains a low saturation in the different types of sensor cells you have in your eyes (sideways works best in low light) and working using one eye at low level light will build some mental undurance. especially if you are working in a forest of some other non level ground. Sunglasses at night are also a good way to train yourself to notice everything you are given by the senses. Take care and don’t forget to breath.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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