To learn to walk upright and with freedom to change your direction at all times you can do many things. Start by standing freely and place your balms on the small of the back on the connection between the back and legs. Now relax and flatten the curve between them so your hips are relaxed in position. Play with this changeing the angle and tensing up and than relaxing letting the hips find the right spot by itself. At the same time the shoulders are relaxing in connection to the hips and once the hips are relaxedstart to move the shoulders up and down and in any direction. Tense and relax all the time minding to breathe and to listen to the heart beats in the tensed locations. After this Do the same for the head and than for the knees and ankles. This is standing up. Now Take ten breaths to move one leg relaxed like a whip in a forward arch and let in in ten more breaths to take the shape of the ground you are on (barefoot is best here) and ten more breaths to shift the mass forward. A good idea is to think of ice skating as you do this. If you can focus your mind on the purpose of this drill for thirty steps than you have done something. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Another drill that can be used with this drill is to walk paralel to a wall and note if you sway and tilt without being aware of this and once you are aware of it just breathe and note what is causing it by slowing down your movement and letting it reveal the imbalance for you.

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