To defend yourself and others you need to move constantly and to learn to do this within your balance start with these simple drills. Start with a chair or a standing partner and you facing one way. Now start to walk aroung the chair/partner using the least amount of steps while all the time facing the same direction. Do this for both directions and if you can have a person swing a staff at you so you have to do this and keep yourself safe from the swing as well. After that have a stomping game with your friends as you all have to step on someones feet but not get stepped on yourself (keep your alignment and head looking straight or up so you see more and let your awareness grow). After that return to the getting out of the way drill as one or more people walk towards you and you have to get out of the way and at all times remember to let the breath lead your movement and to keep your alignment. It is ok to stumble but if you loose your relaxation you will be caught and perhaps not rise again.

Another drill for this purpose is to do the same as one person is one the floor on his behind, knees or back and people try to step on him and he has to keep moving to get out of the way and keep himself mobile and free. After that do the same in the low squat which builds your endurance and forces you to breathe well (otherwise you collapse) 

Sequence of learning awareness: on the floor, squat, standing, standing and stepping on you, standing with a mission (the circle around the person/chair) and avoiding. 


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