Take a shoe lace and tie your ankles together with enough distance for one step forward. Now move around a bit. Walk in all directions, turn and see how you handle yourself in this. Sit down and roll around and make use of what you have to keep mobile. Now with a partner move away from him simply walking at you and progress to evading attacks and choosing a way of action. You can do the same with your hands bound or with your eyes closed moving with the attacks to survive. Relax, breath and remember whichever position you put yourself into your body can navigate away from. Let it.

Take a belt and buckle it with the width of your hips. Now move it from your legs up and all the way over your head and down again if you can or see what is the least amount of space you can navigate through. You do not have to take all the space at the same time and it is also good to do this in front of a mirror and have a laugh at your self. Keep yourself humble. 

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