Take a staff or any other long tool you can think of and place the end on your partner or an object you can use for this like an old soda and so on. Push your partner with the end and learn to relax and feel through the tool where your partner is aware and where he is open and let yourself align the tool so it will go there and create the maximum effect. Have the same done to you and learn to move with these strikes. Later on place either the flat of the side of the tool (it can be a non sharp sword and so on) and breath making the body one piece and move the breath wave through the tool to the partner again being relaxed so it will go where it can give the most. Another thing to do is to take long sticks or any other long tool and try to touch each other lightly but without being touched or your sticks being touched. This allows you to learn to move better with your body and to free the stick for other possible jobs.

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