To make fire we turn to lighters and electricity but if those are not around you can also look inside. Hair is a good fire starter though it burns very fast and only when dry. Wax from your ears and nose can be used as a lubricant for a fire drill and of course your movement is the energy. To make fire you need either a chemical reaction or a physical one. There are materials easy to burn like paper (money, newspaper…) and dry soft wood. you have to give it enough heat and oxygen to start burning. For this there are many possibilities but the two most common are the fire drill and the lens. For the fire drill you need some dry wood, cord, scrapes or paper or hair or any other light to burn material and a lot of friction. There is a lot of information about this already so I just mention some short cuts like using your hair as a starter, using wax as a lube or using a can as the convex whole to push down on the drill into the wood and so on. using a lens from your eye glasses, scope or anything else is only possible during a day with good sun so make sure you have enough fuel for the fire to burn and protection from wind, humidity and people with other intentions.


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