A shooting advance where a group lines up or forms a front and advances while shooting and reporting is a drill that needs to be learned and practiced. People who let emotion govern them can get carried away by the fear or rush and cause a rift or hurt the group. Try first to walk in a line or in any form like a square as you follow one who leads the motion or sets the pace. Change the line often and follow through in a crowd as you have to find the holes in the mass to maintain your form and contact with each other. This is also a good drill for body guards working in a unit and you can set codes by gestures or anything else for close in, lie down and so on. Another drill is to stand in a line with tools. you can start with simple sticks (simple should not be confused with useless) and mimic each others movements as you maintain the structure and do no harm to each other. Advance to moving together as you maintain the line and add more changes to this as pushing drills between groups and break into a circle between groups and find other games that fit your spefic needs. Remember that the ability to find solutions is better on most accounts than having just a few keys and that keeping your temper in check is of great value.

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