Put your arm over each others shoulder and start to walk in union. If someone wants to go left you go with him so he feels no resistance and you can change your course as you wish. After you do this for a while have one of you lead and the other closes his eyes and passively feels how he is walked. This way you begin to learn to work without resistance and feeling where the person is open and walking through the open door. (for example if you want to walk forward and your partner is just standing in place you don’t use just your arm to drag him behind you. You connect and feel through your relaxation where his body is unaware or not dense and work through there.) Than begin to do this as your partner actively resists and works against your goals.

After you do this in pairs change pairs and sit down together and get up using the same chain of intentions to grow more free and aware and now have one pair walk through the other as the other moves out of the way with every pair working in union. Progress to passiveness and than to full resistance and see how you can move freely despite the resistance without feeling any emotion toward the people you are working with or against. It is paramount to master the intention. Otherwise you fall when this is tested. body mind and heart must all be yours to master yourself.

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