Before going to bed or before you get out of bed (if there is time) lie on your back and relax your muscles. Now raise your right leg without tensing up to brace for the change and see what parts of you take up the support of your form. let the leg drop down and do the same for the other leg. Inhale and tighten the legs together or one over the other and relax your upper body with movement along the ground or bed. Slilde your forearms beneath your lower back and tense it up without tensing the stomach and now move the legs from side to side without moving the torso. Keep your forearms where they are and roll your shoulders up and down, Press them into the ground and do the same with the neck. Let the arms out and see if there is still stiffnes that raises the lower back off the ground. Tilt your pelvis up and down a few times and let it come to a relaxed position. Tense your forearms and hands and focus on relaxing the shoulders again. Work toward feeling the pulse in your entire body and remember that five minutes of work before you sleep are worth a lot more in the quality of your sleep.

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