One other way to learn to move upright is to fold your arms over your chest and hug your shoulder blades. Now sit down and get up and you will notice the differences between your balance and awareness while you use each sense for its purpose and when you compensate with your sight.

Do the drill where people walk towards you and you move away while remaining relaxed and aligned. As you do this notice if you are moving your entire body out of the way or simply leaning out. Use this assessment. Have a person come at you and move using one step and don’t put any weight on the leg that followed and just hover it. Now check if you are standing upright and relaxed. If you are, than you moved your entire body and with the other leg you can take another step and again move the entire body to another place in relation to yourself.

 Roll forward with your hands at your hips or behind your back starting from a squat. Use your shoulders and neck to move the soft areas over the hard floor and slowly advance in hight. As you stand and start to relax forward use one leg moving in line (if the body is moving forward it is moving backwards from the hip axis to keep the alignment balance) and see if it fits your natural movement.


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