Push ups on a partner are a good way to learn positioning and relaxation along with body alignment as you move your arms from location to location and alignment in the wrist as you keep your form and on the way down and up. If you feel you cannot go all the way down, relax from the elbow and find a way or move. Don’t be in a place that is bad for you where you get a part of the hit inside you (the tension from not delivering the full hit)

Move to the sit up where your partner is on your chest and you use your breath to create a wave to start the motion. If the chest is loaded, start with the stomach, if the stomach is loaded start with the chest. Start the movement where it is free and go from there to the logical conclusion. (Start by rocking your partner on your chest by using just your breath)

Now to the leg raise overhead. Have your partner lay on your feet and roll him up your body and over your head (do no harm to yourself and don’t try to show off to yourself about your toughness) than raise your legs overhead and roll him back over your and repeat.

Stand on your partner’s body and relax your feet. Squat with your body aligned so you spend the least amount of power staying upright (hint be even to all directions) and go back up. Smiling and relaxing your face really helps to relax your body.

On a personal note I am going to the army for a short while and I will update the blog on my return. Be safe and thankful for what you have in your life and more will come to you. 

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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