Before you can use a tool to effect someone else it makes sense to learn to use it safely. Start by example with your rifle or shovel if you are not in active service and hold it in the firing position you were taught. Now start to walk around your surroundings and use your eyes and feet to feel your surroundings. For example allow a wall to give you cover rather than climbing it and try to relax and feel the blood flow in your body. If it is possible check if you can do the same in a mirror hold (for example the AK 57 can be used from the right shoulder or from the left but you have to be AWARE of the differences) and continue to move (if you can have a partner through tennis balls or anything of the sort at you while you move and point it will be a good drill towards better firing accuracy under operational conditions) To learn to survive falls start by sitting down and advancing in this height as well as you can as you continue to point and shoot on the move. Crawl and sit up and down until you feel you are tired and than you will start to move effectively relying on structure and breathing rather than power alone. If you feel ready roll with your tool and remember there is no better position, there is only what you have right now so use what you have and where you have it.

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