A very simple partner drill:

50 push ups on your fists: with your fists on your partner and moving each time while keeping your form (Avoid rising your behind or slumping it, Keep your form and you will be able to strike and take a strike better in all positions because you are not attaching a change in form to the strike or to being struck)

50 sit ups with your legs resting on your partner: In this you will learn to move the upper and lower body freely because you have to sense and choose the right movement all the time as your partner moves your legs all throughout the movement.

50 leg raises overhead: Have your partner lie on the ground over your head and aim to strike him or her with your legs on each raise as he rolls back and forth and to the sides. This will teach you to move with what you see and not what you think you see. To see and sense reality as it is.

50 squats: You stand on your partner with feet flat on the body, arm, neck and squat with an upright back. Learn to use the feet and legs well over changing ground and feel with your feet. 

Now roll 50 times over your partner making contact every time Innocent Mind your form.

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