A few things to do in the car:

1. Get in from the passanger side and get out of the drivers side and back.

2. Do the same with your eyes closed

3. Have a partner drop the keys inside somewhere and find them with your eyes closed.

4. Learn to change a tire at night

5. find items in the back seat or besides you without looking.

6. adjust all the weather controls, lights and doors without looking

7. Open someone else’s seat belt with him strugling

8. Hold your breath and do 1 and 2

9. drop your keys under the car and get them out

10. look around before you exit the car

11. take things out and put them into your pockets.

12. Do 1,2,8,9 with a back pack and while holding a child. 

 If you had an accident, relax breath and move.

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