Starting to work with a chain

When you start to work with a tool you need to respect it for its qualities and work so you have no apprehension about working with it. You maintain a healthy level of fear from being hit or being careless and gain a measure of knowledge about how to work with it.

Start with a chain that is held on both ends and reaches the ground when you stand up straight (it is comfortable for me, find what works best for you) Now fold it around your hand and than your arm a few times each way to get the feel of it and to control the length without looking at it. Now grasp all of it in your hand so it forms a small ball and release a few times and after that spin it around your body slowly in all the ways you can think of. Use both your hands.

Do the regular drills with the chain. Push up with the chain held in your hands, Sit up with the chain wrapped around your throat, leg raises as it rests on your mid-section and squats as it is held in both hands at the back. Roll with it in both hands and than in one as you swing (take care not to harm yourself) the chain in a continuous movement.

Now start to swing the chain to wrap around your body. Start slow and breath. As the chain makes contact with you move your body so you blend with its movement. You can rotate or go down a little bit and create a movement that lets the chain move without stopping or snapping on you. You can redirect it with your chest, feet and arms and be always aware to yourself first. If you focus on the chain you will not see other things around you and you will not be in full command of your body and mind.

This is enough for a beginning. Don’t rush. Learn the basics and the rest will come to you.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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