lie on your stomach and have a friend stand on your body. Now crawl forward and backwards without shaking him off and note how this effects your movement. Now do the same with him sitting behind you and holding onto your feet and than in front of you and you have to roll him forward in front of you. Last have him lie on top of you limp and you have to crawl without him falling off. The best way to do this is uphill but other places will also do.

Now lie on your stomach and put your hands together at your back. Stand up and lie down in ten different ways and than do this with your eyes closed and a friend holding a stick somewhere so you have to move carefully to avoid harm.

To relax your hips and shoulders you can do the sailor walk and the worms:

The sailor walk: Your imagine you are on a rocking ship and as you keep your upper body relaxed and upright and place your forearms accorss the back so you feel of you are tensing your back muscles and tissue. You move the hips and legs as if you are on this rocking surface in all directions and this will relax your hips. After this take a partner and have him push you on all levels and you will move the same with the leg that is already in that direction (as a whole. you might imagine a ball floating on water or just move your body). Do this slow at first so you can learn.

The worms: Lie on your chest and hold your hands on your lower back. Now move the head one way and roll over your opposite shoulder till your head does a full circle around that shoulder and avoiding momentum that might cause you to roll completely. Do this for both shoulders a few times and see how this feels. The idea is to learn how to move in all directions and not how to become strong. Learn to use what you have.
The other worm is when you lie on your back and arch back (you can start by holding onto your heels or placing your feet on the wall) and you do the same roll only arching backwards. This works to release the tension in the spine so don’t try to muscle through the movement puzzle but find the path of least resistance and get to a point where it feels good to move. The goal is to learn your own way of doing things.

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Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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