A few chain drills

1. Hold the ends of the chain in both hands and run them up and down a few times and change where your hands are. In front of you, behind you, above or below your shoulders and see how it affects your alignment and tension.
2. Hold both ends of the chain or its middle in both hands and rotate the chain around your body and over your head. Let it drape over your body from time to time and remember to relax and move without stopping. If you move past the point the chain stops you will be able to blend with it (check the verb rend in the dictionary first for some respect)
3. Hold one end of the chain and throw it up and catch it before it reaches the ground. Keep your eyes relaxed and breath. Proceed to throwing one end of the chain as you hold the other end and move out of the way and catch the other end. Relax your body and hand and do not harm yourself.
4. Drape the chain over your wrist and slide it up and down the forearm moving as little as possible. Proceed to the shoulder and than all over the upper body. Remember you can do this under your armpit and so on.
5. Hold both ends of the chain in one hand and slide one foot into the loop and pass the entire body through it or from the head down and so on a few times. Remember your alignment.
6. Hold both ends of the chain and move it from side to side like a small rocking chair and jump rope with it (no need to go over the head right away, it hurts, I know) from all sides, right to left, left to right and back and forth.

Say thank you your face is in one piece and relax it.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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