Take a knife you use like a kitchen or garden knife or your vest knife and hold it in a comfortable position where your shoulder and arm are relaxed. rotate the knife in your hand without looking at it and note how you can tell where the blade is pointing. Roll it around in your palm and fingers without moving or tensing the rest of you and make sure you are not cutting yourself. Next, place the knife in the crooks of your body like the armpit and pick it up using the other hand without looking for it (do the same in the push up position). Walk and slide the flat of the blade on your body and add to this sitting down and getting up.
Now balance another knife or a stick on the blade of the knife and change the grip while you are balancing it. Do it first while the arm is relaxed and than while it is pointing forward and some muscles are supporting the hold. Do the same placing in the crooks of the body while you are in the push up position facing up or down and and learn to work with tension. As you learn to be aware and use all of your body as you are working with a knife and balancing will help in learning to give just the support you wish to give without tensing yourself.

For children you can have the simple game of walking or running as they balance an egg in a long spoon or a stick over a stick and balancing contests as they try to make each other laugh with funny faces. It is important to know what is your goal and the way will show itself.

I thank all the teachers and of course Mikhail Ryabko for all I have learned  in the last seminar in Moscow and recommend it to anyone wanting to learn and live systema. I am sure to go again in the first opportunity I have.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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