Here is a weekly template for work:



Say out loud 10 things I am grateful for


Drink some water to start the internal systems

5 minutes visualizing my perfect life. Using emotion senses and sights

Start an audio to accompany the learning.

Day 1

20 minutesbreathing work

*10 minutes Tensing and relaxing in different positions and waves

*Breathing through the body and the pulse

20 minutes body movement starting

*10 minutes of working with the wall cleaning my alignment and freedom of movement (wall squats as well!)

*Rolls standing to ground to standing

20 minutes whip work to clean myself and use the tool


Day 2

20 minutes breathing work

* 15 minutes work on push ups, sit ups, leg raises overhead and squats working on prolonging the breath phases work and work on variations of the drills

* 5 minutes jumping around

20 minutes body work

* 120 double steps on the fists on all 4 variations

* rolling continuously on the ground

20 minutes knife work to survive and clean myself


Day 3

20 minutes breathing work

* 4 extra slow push ups, sit ups, leg raises and squats to clean and strengthen the body and mind

* Breath holding while moving or standing still to relax and clean myself of fear

20 minutes movement:

* 10 minutes moving with eyes closed

* juggling with a water bottle or metal balls

20 minutes: Extra slow shadow fighting (efficiency and effectiveness)



ON April I am working on knife and whip alternating. (movement and relaxation)


Next month stick and chain (wholeness and power)


Cold shower

During the day


Russian lesson and language work



120 breaths while hanging on the bar and doing extra slow pull ups from time to time

30 Jesus pose leg lifts to the side facing up and down

60 double steps in the sailors walk

6 neck rolls to each side

6 slow movements starting from an L sit on the shins down to the shoulders and back up with a straight back


5 minutes visualizing

Write 6 goals for tomorrow




Rest and relax

Walk in nature and scout

Fast and douse

Read and watch


Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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