Nik asked how to shadow fight and my answer is to focus on the basics. Although the name is shadow FIGHT you need to focus on yourself and your survival instead of working to disarm or win, work to keep your eyes open and your body free and moving and wait till you can see an opening which exists rather than trying to break someone’s actions. You must relax enough to feel what is around you and than the opening will just show because we are all learning and all human. If you have intention to do anything to your attackers than you are blocking yourself from what is important and letting one of your parts put the intellect and body feeling to sleep. For example take a real knife and hold it very close to your eyes. At first you will only see the tip of the blade and squint at it but with breathing you will be able to see your arm holding the knife and maybe your shoulder is raised and your standing is imbalanced and you can move away and survive it. We sometimes work slow to relax and increase our awareness to everything we do and even taking a few steps at one minute per step will greatly increase you awareness to your body and allow you to move much more freely because once you are aware of your tension and alignment the body cleans itself and the mind is humble and the work begins.

work honestly
Don’t focus on the result or a “move” and stay in this moment working with what you have now.
If something doesn’t work, fine. KEEP MOVING.
breathing and your awareness to it are key. Stay inside yourself and ACT, do what you want and be where you want to be in space rather than in relation to real or imaginary people.
FEAR is a good servant so let it help you but keep it under control.
SPEED is a result of relaxation and awareness. Don’t try to work in someone else’s speed. Work in your own speed and control his speed.
Move as little as possible.
Work with variations (against a wall, against a few people, with only one shoe on etcetera)
use a whip to clean yourself of fear and tension.

Keep asking questions


Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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