Three simple drills for calmness and precision

Three simple drills for calmness and precision

1. Do something brief but taxing such as sprinting up a short hill or climbing a rope. Stop and pay attention to your breathing and to your pulse. If you cannot feel the pulse press your hand to the side of your throat or ribs and repeat the drill until you can feel the pulse in the entire body as you listen to your body calming down and as you progress add delicate work such as throwing a small stone into a paper cup or drawing what is in front of you after a brief glance.
2. Take a normal breath and slowly exhale as you perform something repetitive such as walking, push ups or peeling potatoes. Use the same speed for your work until you cannot exhale no more and then continue for a little while as you again listen to your pulse. Work on the freedom you have to act rather than react to bodily fear but respect the fear. Neglecting attention to any part of you will not be wise in the long run.
3. Lie on the ground face down with your limbs spread to the sides. Tense toward the edges of your limbs with the intent of moving your limbs forward without focusing on the resistance. Hold this for a few breaths and repeat as you face up to get to know your tension better. There is a lot to gain in working toward what we perceive as impossible. Remember no one knows how to walk coming out of the womb even though you already have the tools to accomplish the task.
A. Paying attention as you continue to act
B. Release the habit of reaction and be free
C. Work to clean the perception of the world so you can see things as they are.
Always keep working. Your daily work need not be long or hard but to it must be.

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