Hanging on

Here is a simple plan for your hand strength and overall shoulder and body health.

Find a pull up bar, a branch or a rope to hang from.

Maintain continuous breath and keep your shoulders in their sockets or release the hold.

1 Start with a daily hanging on for ten breaths.

Add one breath a day according to your feeling until you reach sixty.

2 Change the way you are hanging on (both hands in the same direction, both hands in the opposite direction, hands facing each other)

Add this hold to the daily work and grow until you can reach one hundred and twenty breaths combined.

3 Hang on one hand with the other hand lightly over the holding hand and stay for five breaths.

Slowly grow the number of breaths to sixty (thirty breaths for each hand) as you remove the same number of breaths from the two hand hold.

4 Hang on one hand with the other hand holding onto the wrist of the holding hand and stay for ten breaths.

Slowly grow the number of breaths to sixty in each hand.

5 Hang on the bar with one hand and switch hands with each second breath while using the legs for propoltion toward the bar.

Repeat ten times and grow to twenty times over time. Maintain the rest of the time (to complete to one hundred and twenty breaths) holding onto the bar with each hand

6 Hold onto the bar and switch hands as you also switch directions.

Repeat ten times and grow to twenty in time.

7 Hold onto the bar and use your legs to switch hands with a release of the bar in midair.

Repeat as you feel and complete the rest of the breath count with regular twist switches.



Testing brings us to defining ourselves by our measurements. How fast you are. How strong you are and how well you perform in the tests you chose to do.

The problem lies in defining ourselves by our measurements. Are you your pull up test score or your ability in a ruled test with practice blades with no real danger to them ?

I suggest you let of of  some of the measurements and open yourself to the idea of quality. Your personality and self awareness is what will drive through life. You can be the best at everything but as long as you are not the commander of the ship, you will not be using or steering the ship well.

Tests come in order to place a mark on you in order to place you on a grade in society hierarchy.  That grade allows you to act a certain way and instead of knowing yourself you define yourself by an external measurement.

Here is a drill for you:

Do push ups every day. Learn how you feel differently about it each and every day. Feel how doing the same each day brings you new and different lessons each time. All you have to do is move and pay attention.

And smile. 🙂

How to explain fear to your child

How to explain fear to your child

There is a great desire in a parent to protect their kid. You want him to avoid all your mistakes and to be always happy and successful. One of the things we try to avoid is scaring our kid and many try to create a reality that excludes fear and danger.

Here is a suggestion that excludes exclusion.

Speak to your child of the full spectrum of emotion and feeling and tell them all emotion is natural. There is no need to feel shame of a thought or desire and fear is simply a natural appreciation of life and a tool just like anything else in their awareness. Let them know that they have thoughts but the thoughts do not have them. They have a mind but they are the control of it and not controlled by it.

Fear is a needed part of life to balance out our other emotions and to serve us as a guide and stimulant.

Fear is a tool honed by nature through eons of existence and as humans we have the minute task of letting it help us on our journey.

Fear helps us relax our muscles and let go of unneeded mass and tension in our frame.

Fear releases energy into our bloodstream when it is needed.

Fear changes the perception of time in our minds and if you explain and play with your child in slow motion and in growing speeds and changing movements he will release the perception of freeze and learn that he can shift gears inside and out with the aid of fear and later on even without it.

Fear is a birth of reason and also of the release of it’s hold on us. Talk with your child of your embrace with fear and let him know we are all dealing with it and not dealing with it at the same time. Let him know we are operating in several channels and fear lets us unmask ourselves and in that lies our growth into whole people. Not brave, not afraid, just alive.