Eight online schools of wisdom

Here are ten disciplines of study to pursue. There are many reflections of the truth in the broken mirror of our nation of men. The more slivers we gather, the more whole we are.

Learn gymnastics from one of the best teachers in the land. Free your mind of what is possible and grow stronger and more able from within.

gymnastic bodies

Sometimes there are pearls of wisdom within a sea of tripe.  Browse and search for training ideas and an amalgam of methodologies to find yourself in.


Some teachers are worlds of their own. Here is one that delves in many worlds and enriches all those he meets.

James Keating

There are shops you can buy at without spending anything but time. While I recommend the products of this company, I suggest you seek to learn of the choices of men and woman who live in the great outdoors and browse more than their product lines.


There is a world of knowledge at the end of each shoe lace. There is a wealth of knowledge in each foot print. Learn to read and write the language of small innovation and seeing three where there is one.

On Point

Many good intentions go bad and vice versa. There are jewels of information and connection in strange places.


A father must forge the plow before he plows his field to feed his family and the one who neglects science is neglected likewise.


Our use of tools and the tools we use and have is limited by out reach and curiosity. Working together we can expand both.

Cool Tools



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Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)