Take a partner and stand first face to face and have him reach to touch you using a hand or foot or anything else and you work to not be there and then confirm with your partner that you knew where he or she were going for. Repeat this a few times and switch roles.… Read More

This solo drill takes about half an hour and involves a zip of water. Fill your mouth to the lower lip level with water and start walking. Breath in through the nose and exhale as best as you can through the mouth. From time to time stop and squat down and look around (Do this… Read More

Changing environment drills: 1 Take your rifle and LBE and crawl under your Jeep or whatever vehicles you may have. If you get stuck under, learn to remove and change the gear around you and learn to make your world more than your immediate environment (look around you and note the people and other things… Read More

Take a backpack on your back or a suitcase in your hand and walk in a crowd while trying to minimize contact with others. Work with a partner or a few on moving with the backpack while avoiding people who are coming at you and dealing with people trying to grab and hit you. consider… Read More

Progress comes in small steps but realization of it comes in leaps and bounds of imagination once we are clear enough to realize where we are and what we can know from the vantage point. For example you work on moving with your partner for a while on merging with his levers to avoid becoming… Read More