Start by laying on the ground with your limbs to the sides and simply breathing and relaxing on the ground. Let every part in turn press to the ground and rise from it and note how this affect the rest of you. Now do the same drill using two parts at a time and you… Read More

Start with one partner standing and the other moves around him and closer and further all the time keeping at least one limb on him without any pressure and simply sliding on his or her form. Let the breath start each movement and relax your form from your joints to your tendons to your tissue.… Read More

We often strive to complete what we started whether it is working for us or we are working for it. For example if you are asked for advice you usually give more than what was intended and end up doing something not too benefiting for yourself. Take knife work for example. If you work to… Read More

Consider this: Every inhale has an exhale potential in it but not every exhale holds as inhale within it. The nature of tension is different for every movement and mirroring or balancing should take this into account. More on this later on in the DVD.

It is important to pay attention to ourselves first and to others after. People who wish to blend or enter another in training or in an actual conflict tend to make themselves in the shape and tempo of the other to blend into him or her. In doing this we distort and change ourselves giving… Read More

The more we learn the easier and simpler things become. To make this leap simply think of the purpose of what you are doing and pay attention. When you think and pay attention you stay calm and attentive. Take for example the static push up. People do this for “core” power and that is all… Read More

Take any basics movement such as push ups, squats and leg raises and do them with tension in only one limb. For example do a push up  while tensing one arm and learn to do your work as you want it without having to tense against the tension and with simple awareness let the affect… Read More