Crowd Knife work

Here are ten knife drills to do in a group: Place a knife on your body without your partners seeing (blade on body is not advised) and walk calmly. Have your partners work to bump and touch you while walking in a casual manner and find out where the knife is. You work is to… Read More Crowd Knife work

building smoothness

Here are eight partner drills to build and hone your efficient and effective movement patterns. Don’t search for the key. Be the key maker. walk and breathe continuously. Have a partner throw a ball at you as you walk. Your job is to move out of the way and intercept the ball in flight. Do… Read More building smoothness


Stand up with your feet under you. Press your hands together from the shoulders Press your legs toward each other from the hips Squat in this fashion: Down – 1 inhale Up – 1 exhale Down – one full breath Up – one full breath Down – 2 full breaths Up 2 full breaths Down… Read More FULL TENSION WORK

Waterfall breathing

The waterfall may seem still in motion but it is constant movement and adhering to the movements of the body which create it. Our bodies in our natural state do the same with breathing and all the movements that radiate from it both autonomic and automatic. Locomotion in nature is a play of incoming and… Read More Waterfall breathing