The four horsemen to counter commercial medicine

Ask yourself who you are. Are you a consumer who follows or a man who chooses his path ?

The four horsemen to counter commercial medicine

  1. Doctor FAST Fasting has been a successful prescription to countless ailments and promotes health and mental and emotional clarity. It is the definition of cheap and can be applied in moderation from not eating for a fixed number of hours each day to fasting for a day or two weekly. Keeping things simple will ease your entry into this highly beneficial practice and the joy of finding that we are not reliant on constant feeding may bring more freedom in other areas to your life.
  2. Doctor MOVEMENT Movement is a key ingredient in staying and building both ability and health. Physical labor from building a fence to digging a ditch helps in strengthen and harnessing the physical body and creating a more aware, healthy and happy individual. We can practice many arts from dancing to martial art when we have the time and we become more vibrant and effective in our lives in both the physical and mental plane. Breath, dance, move and be happy.
  3. Doctor TEMPERATURE heat and cold are primal catalyst for body and mind integration and health. Our bodies and minds clear the mist and release the breaks when it feels the need to stay alive and heat from a sauna or a hot shower and cold from an ice bath or taking a cold shower will clear the head, bring about great hormonal changes in the body for the better and help build a better working and better feeling machine for us to use.
  4. Doctor SILENCE Silence is often misunderstood. Any person can be happy for a little bit with the aid of drugs (sugar, spirits and worse) but long lasting happiness comes from having a purpose and being in alignment with your true self instead of following a trend or trying to fit in. When I speak of silence, I speak of the clear content of following your purpose, the silence of not listening to the screaming voices of media and fashion trying to push and prod you to fit in a mold which benefits them. Be your own man or woman. Be truly happy. I wish you all the best in this challenge and hope to learn together on the way.

There is no self without solitude

I love movement and awareness but it is all for nothing if the thoughts and feeling running through the brain and the endocrine are not out own.

It is easy to follow and even easier to drift in the current. The best medicine for that is to climb on a rock in the stream and be by ourselves.

Here are seven methods of reaching some solitude in the sea of repeating devices.

  1. Choose why you get out of bed in the morning each morning. A schedule is nice but a life of purpose is actually living.
  2. Choose your words. It is easy to repeat and costly in mental energy to re-frame a situation and statements but very worthwhile in the long run.
  3. Choose your companions by their actions and not by their words. A funny person is nice to have around, a solid guy is a difference in quality.
  4. Justify your actions to yourself on a constant basis. Having a session of self critique is extremely valuable to see shifting off course and also finding good ways to better our methods and choose what is truly good for us.
  5. Reduce the clutter in your belongings and in your mind by removing what does not aid in your prosperity on a regular basis. An example of this would be to clear your schedule from watching videos which do not help you learn or update skills and to remove from your abode, that which sees no use or serves no purpose.
  6. Spend time in silence. Listening to our thoughts and listening without waiting for our turn to talk is an eye and mind opening experience. Learning to listen is a skill worth investing in and it opens us to think without
  7. Choose something new. Repetition is king in honing but choosing change and alterations is a must in growth.