Sit down comfortably and start breathing with awareness. Start rolling on the ground moving your body with the breath and work on this idea alone: avoid placing one part of you on the ground and push/pull your body through it and work to move all your parts together as one to simply move without giving support to the ground. When you move rather than push against your movement will be free and natural and thus fast enough and right. Don’t worry about the speed. Work with the joy of breath.

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In order to learn to give no support to the work of partners we learn to be aware of ourselves first. Start in the static push up and have a partner use his leg and foot to push your body and limbs in all directions. Note how your body tenses up and then move with the direction of the contact and add your movement to keep free without giving any tension resistance. Do the same using a stick and close your eyes to learn to relax and avoid trying to expect what is happening. Repeat the drill in the face up position to learn to relax and be aware of your movement when the tension is different and continue to work against two contacts at the same time.
Stand up and have your partner push and pull you using first just finger tips and move with his contact direction to blend and avoid his pressure while staying in contact with him. Add  raising your arms and contacting his incoming movement using your body moving away and your arms blending and adding to the movement to spread and control your partner. Remember your movement is key and self control comes before control of others and avoid working with a plan in mind for a set drill like a take down or a choke. Let your breath move you.

Compare how this drill felt to your movement before the first drill and remember the goal is the important part. Focus on the purpose.
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Take a few friends and stand in a small circle with one in the middle. Start to push and pull him or her with the intention of moving and hitting your circle friends with them. This requires you pay more attention where the middle person is more free in his movement and you can use that open door to work on someone else. The one in the middle will work on not giving support by resisting all the pushes and pulls and moving so your head is not hit and your alignment is not rigid and bent. If the middle bends down the circle will jump on him to pile on him and lever him so you learn to avoid tying your shoe in a mob 🙂

Keep breathing and walking even in place and don’t try to keep your footing. Sometimes it is better to simply lift your foot off the ground and navigate in the air than to be trampled. Choose how to work instead of reacting. Another point is to push and pull using the legs and feet and to also push and pull on the neck and head. Respect yourself and your partners and work honestly and with care to learn rather than practice what you think you know.
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Have a friend come to hit you as he walks through you. Your job is to move your body away so the arms are free to move and to continue walking with him and closing the distance between your bodies without interrupting his movement.

The next drill is doing the same only now you add to this another direction of your own after you move with him and feel where he is not dense or aware. Have patience and keep breathing as you move and avoid focusing your eyes where your hands rest. Let them see for themselves.

Next have him come at you without pause and without stop and you have to blend with his movement and only do your work to bring him down when you feel you are safe and relaxed. Note the distance between you and check if your arms are defending the air around you or working. Many evade the first strike and than fall into a struggle in place working like a screw left and right. Avoid that by not giving any support and you will survive.

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Start by standing in a comfortable distance from a wall or your partner and place your fist on him/it. Now as your body is aligned and comfortable do a one arm push up on the support and place your other hand on the support. Do push ups as you go around the support and work so the wrist is relaxed as possible and the movement come from the elbow first and than from the shoulder. Have the partner do the same for you or hold onto a door frame or a tree or some support and lean away from it in the same manner. Notice to the support you have to introduce in order to stay aligned and lead it to the sky or to ground in order to allow it to move through you without harm.
Progress to someone walking towards you and you placing your fist on him and redirecting him. Notice how you lift your hand and remember to let the breathe lead you when possible. It is good to do some work without breathing so the body will know it is possible.
Move to hitting your partner as he moves away with the body aligned as much as he can and placing his hand on you and either pushing or pulling (think how the bodies move and how you can stay moving) Do this for a while and than do a few push ups and sit ups to relax.
Now have a partner hit you and you move with the body to let the strike slide next to you and add one arm to press the arm to you or just using the arm. Avoid moving too fast out of fear. Relax and remember to survive first. Use only one hand for a while as your partner uses both arms and learn to move from difficult situations. Your partner will learn to strike from all situations.
After you do this for a while and so has your partner join the drills and have him strike and you capture the arm with one hand and place and either push or pull with the other. You can also hit with the one arm and don’t limit yourself to the common strikes. You can for example slide the coming arm overhead and continue the level with the opposite shoulder and lower your hand open to the neck or groin of your partner. Find your way.

Do this also while sitting and on one knee.

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