Fist ups

Let’s have some practical fun while gaining deeper awareness health and ability.   Stand and have a partner place a fist on your stomach. Exhale and relax your frame to drape over the fist and rise up with your inhale. Repeat while reversing your breath and for different angles and locations on your front. Stand… Read More Fist ups

Stand and slowly lift both legs off the ground and bring them to your body. This sounds ludicrous but consider if you relate to just your body in movement what freedom you have. Try this slowly with every breath shortening the distance between your feet and hips and you will be able to squat with almost no tension. The same goes for the rest of the basics movements and rolling. Think of what you are supported by and remove it and see what you can do without supporting yourself (tension) against it. The same can be done with a person pushing you. Avoid reacting to him or her and simply do what seems logical in that moment. Breath relax and move naturally.
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Sit down comfortably and start breathing with awareness. Start rolling on the ground moving your body with the breath and work on this idea alone: avoid placing one part of you on the ground and push/pull your body through it and work to move all your parts together as one to simply move without giving support to the ground. When you move rather than push against your movement will be free and natural and thus fast enough and right. Don’t worry about the speed. Work with the joy of breath.

This and more is a part of my DVD about natural movement. You can mail me for details at:
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