The size of your heart

We can only do what we attempt and believe we can do.

How do we free space in our heads and hearts for new thoughts and beliefs?

Begin by walking calmly and paying attention to your thoughts and emotions. Start Inhaling on one step and exhaling on the next. As you are relaxed in this state and need not invest attention to maintaining it, add a step to both phases (inhale, exhale) and repeat until you reach your current limit of X steps per inhale and the same for exhale. Once there, Go down one step and then up again and then, add two steps at the same time and press the number of steps upwards until all you can do is breath and walk.

This will clear your head from outside thoughts and allow the heart to reset and release emotion that was held inside and not moving anywhere.

The simplicity of this work is deceiving and this is just the first stage.

Much more is hidden in plain sight.

Racing against time

Simplicity is in the depth of what we do.

This is a very simple thing to do but it has within it the bearing if you excuse the pun, of our own mechanism.

Place yourself in the static push up position and go half way down. Start a timer and close your eyes and aim to keep inner time going so you know how long you are holding the position.

Once you open your eyes and sync with your timer. You know how in tune you are with the world.

There is no understanding without understanding of self.

CCC for purpose

Training is just a tool. It is not a purpose. If your aim is to be good at training, than what is your purpose ?

I was asked today how to find a purpose by a student. He asked how to get out of depression and depression is a lack of purpose.

People survived and thrived for eons with a single purpose. It can be raising the next generation, it can be teaching a principle or knowledge of value and it can be dance.

It is purpose we seek and it is purpose that gives our lives meaning. Training is again, just a tool.

Seek out:

  1. Clarity – What mark you wish to leave in your wake – education ? Knowledge ? A stronger clan ?
  2. Competence – Strive to be good in what you do.
  3. Consistency – Do what matters every day. Value your time and your life.

Read this article for more information and always aim to appreciate knowledge outside the immediate circle of your practice. A Samurai leaned to arrange flowers to harness his spirit, A soldier of these days may wish to invest in electronics, languages and a multitude of other subjects. The world is as big as we make it.

Ten simple tips for smoother movement in a conflict environment

Some things are simple but run deep.

Consistent practice of basics is the key.


  1. Instead of clenching your fists in preparation, keep your body moving and your arms loose like chains. Close the fist fully only on contact and look up Kime and use this as a principle instead of a specific tip.
  2. People have intentions. Bad people have bad intentions. Listen to what people are saying but also look as their facial expression changes and body language. The body and facial expression changes reveal what is behind the curtains.
  3. Mind the space. Pay attention to where you are and where you can go. People do not want to play a fair game if they have two working brain cells and will want to corner and gang up on you. Notice changes in groups and in how people place themselves as blocks and guides and how crowds act as one animal in subtle ways.
  4. A small force over a tiny surface is sometime better than a great force over a large surface. It is hard to overpower people under the influence of drugs or simply bigger people. You can though, concentrate your force on one finger  of a soft spots in the body and head to create enough affect to avoid being controlled by the sheer force of the opposition.
  5. Balance matters. Balance allows for grace in movement and the opposite of it. Play with balance by dancing, playing games and the like so that when you have to traverse ice, maintain your movement freedom when shoved and grabbed, your body and your intentions will be one. A simple game of walking and pushing and pulling on a sliding surface will be enough to begin this jurney.
  6. We are tool users instead of tools and everything is a multitude when pressed. Breaking bones in the hands and body are much worse than smashing a laptop over a rapists head and you can use your water bottle in a plastic bag to great affect instead of your body mass.
  7. Strong people are harder to kill and get better movie deals. Invest a few minutes every day (That reads EVERY DAY) in doing something that requires effort from your body and do it so it affects your cardio ability as well. A good indicator that you are on the right path are, looking back at what you used to do and laughing at what used to be hard.
  8. Healthy people are harder to kill. All the strength in the world will not help you with even a mild case of loose bowels. Simple things as washing your hands and not picking your nose will put you in the running to surviving the zombie apocalypse and eating healthy food and fasting will really give a push to the top in that race.
  9. Water does not break. Having goals will get you somewhere but having fixed plans will get you killed and controlled in a conflict situation.  Think of getting to where you need to go more than how you get there. A dynamic mind will look at problems as opportunities instead of obstacles and that will keep you in the top of the wave instead of sinking in the rush.
  10. Friends and family are a great power multiplier. Even two people going together will get attacked a lot less than two people walking in the same street but not as a group. Family can be a great resource of ability and support in hard times and even the young and old can fill roles that allow people to keep and grow their strength. An old person can guard over you when you are sleeping and a young person can go in places an adult cannot enter physically. Children pay attention to things adults take for granted and even in daily life, our friends and family are support and allow us to give back which is a basic need of the less sociopathically inclined J


Knowledge and people are worth more than the best gear and books on the self. Study, be a good person and be consistent.


And good luck 🙂

Ten ways to be a better teacher

  1. Aim to learn during each class. We teach better when we are a part of the process
  2. Give honest feedback by changing the process instead of just do this or that. Understanding is key to continuous learning.
  3. Look for slight adjustments to the perception of ability instead of leaps and bounds so people can grow instead of developing a crust.
  4. Do the work for the climb instead of making it about the work itself. Doing pushups well will only get you so far.
  5. Appreciate your students as people. Aim to free them instead of guiding them in your way.
  6. We are not linear creatures. Give your students a chance to be comfortable not knowing. It is indeed a state of mind.
  7. Aim to give your students the nourishment they need instead of what you wish to give.
  8. Love what you teach so it is not work but devotion in practice.
  9. Practice your strengths and your weaknesses in your own practice and with your students.  Be honest.
  10. The basics make up everything. Keep going back to them to find new deeper understanding. Going away from the basics ends up in being lost in the work.

It is a great privilege to teach.

Words are power – Choose wisely

Let us invest a moment to choose our words instead of repeating what is in broadcast.

Be a wordsmith to cast yourself out of mental slavery to the overlords.

A few examples:


Do you encounter PROBLEMS or CHALLENGES

Do you go to your MAN CAVE or do you advance yourself in your STUDY


Do you call yourself a GUY or a MAN

Do you TAKE CARE of your children or do you RAISE THEM



We tend to parrot others in order to fit in, Say your own words and live your own life.

It matters.

The eye of the storm – calm under pressure

Breathe and continue to breathe. That is harder than it seems. 🙂

Lets go through three experiences and work on our capacity to maintian calm under pressure and to choose how to use the energy that comes from this pressure.

  1. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Have one or more partners push you with the flat or end of a stick a hundred times with no stopping for composure or realignment. Work on different areas, speeds and depth. Work on becoming comfortable in in eye of the storm within. The way you process and ACT instead of react will be the large size of the outcome. Move and release tension to avoid contact become impact. Have fun with it.
  2. Breathe and start laying down and getting up without stoppage. Have one or more partners push you with the flat or end of a stick a hundred times with no stopping for composure or realignment. work on moving in the free space instead of letting the contact find you and allow two directions of movement in your body at the same time and letting your eyes see what is in front of them instead of following the contact.
  3. Breathe and start walking in a set route ( a circle or any other path you choose). Have one or more partners push you with the flat or end of a stick a hundred times with no stopping for composure or realignment. Work on relaxing your eyes to see where you are instead of where you want to be and choose where you want to move even under such constraints. Add placing your limbs and body on the partners working to move you without letting them affect you.

These three stages of:

  1. Permission to touch
  2. Avoiding touch
  3. Choosing a path

are integral in finding your own natural movement and it will allow you to progress deeper into your ability without gaps of distance, contact or angle.

A little challange 🙂

Repeat this process thirty times. Report to yourself and to me if you wish how it went. Together we learn more and deeper.

Instead of technique – become the air

In this video we follow a wider mindset. Instead of trying to control the situation, we work to be aware and thus control ourselves and further more. Instead of focusing on our motives and moves, we aim to see the reflection of the other within ourselves.

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

Mr Tsu 🙂

Nine books to read before the storm

There is knowledge that is good for an instance and there is awareness and ability that makes an instance.

  1. The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success This book glimpses on thought process in a different and goal oriented way. It will be beneficial to know and sometimes practice the approach within these pages.
  2. The Quiet Professional   This book glimpses into the working soldier world and how to navigate it. It has both guidelines and hints on what matters and how to get there and stay on the wave.
  3. Predictably Irrational  This book glimpses into the irrational from a wide perspective. It helps uncover dead zones in our decision making processes.
  4. The Power of Myth This book glimpses into the world of myth and how it affects our relations with ourselves and the world. It helps uncover the back of the brain and helps in making clearer choices in the large scale.
  5. Five Years to Freedom This book glimpses into the mind of a captive in body but not in soul. It gives you the inner world which can be your own.
  6. Maps of Meaning This book delves into the meaning of what and why we are and do. It helps in finding lost selves and reaching the goals that hide in plain sight.
  7. Escape the Wolf This book glimpses into the travelers mind. It helps to note differences in culture, customs and people we tend to overlook and helps in developing a higher base of tuning into the current situation.
  8. Left of Bang This book glimpses into the scale of importance in quick decision making. It helps in finding the loops and arches in developing situations.
  9. Never Let Go This book deals with the mundane body work of a working individual but also glimpses into the inner negotiations we work ourselves into and helps in making better choices overall.


Notes from class: Making choices

It is evident that as we use our muscles and nervous system well, they get better and we move and work in better efficiency and effectiveness.
Let us use the same simple but not easy mechanism to improve our awareness to making choices (lead the chariot instead of being one of the horses) and making better choices.
We will use the methodology of constraint to improve our sight inward to the choices we make weather willingly or not and to improve our sight outwardly to understand that all choices are made up of several parameters and mini choices so we can adjust everything from the way we say Yes and No to our action under tension.

1. Stand with your back to your partner. Have them push you lightly from behind and breathe and move to avoid giving resistance to the contact.  Cover the entire backside and then work with two contacts at once. This allows all involved to witness themselves going within to release excess tension and movement and opens the door to further understanding.
2. Lie down and have a partner push you with a foot. Repeat the contact five times and at each time, start to move along the contact from a different limb or neck movement. This opens the awareness to movement from the center and to awareness to more than the contact point.
3. Stand a step away from each other and send a limb to push or pull the other one at a time. Act to enfold the coming limb using each limb and head in turn and maintain that you always have choices.
4. Stand a step away from each other and facing away from each other. Reach out with a limb to repeat the previous game and maintain that you do not need sight to always have choices.
5. Stand side by side a step away from each other and repeat the previous game with now having the direction decided for you. Your partner gives you a direction of forward, backwards, left and right and as they move in, you must move in the prescribed direction as you maintain your freedom. This gives you directional compulsory directions in game and in life. Choices are always made. Make them yourself.

Enjoy the games 🙂