More on shoulder freedom: Hold hand in hand and keep them straight. Now move them as a unit around and use the locomotive movement as in each shoulder is like a pivot point while you are drawing a big elipse. We do that in systema too, Walk and draw shapes and words with your feet and hands. or even your body on the floor. Make your own kata as MR sais. When you reach double digits and so on it goes beyond finding your rythem and style and goes to coordination and making fun of your self relm.

Sometimes a teacher is better off not being over talented. That way he (or she) can relate better to the student and from personal strugle and needed intuition can become a better teacher and person for the student. We tend to take things for granted and value only what we have top struggle for. I am not sure that is a good way to live. Knowing what matters is important on it’s own. health as opposed to muscular streanth. The comparison is not black and white of course and my view is never objective. However, What is best in life ? Being able to lift 1000 pounds if specially made metal bar or playing with your grandchildren in the garden ?

Simple task: take a length of rope and see what ties you can do and how do they work for you. Learn from friends and books (the web is full of good stuff for the ones who seek it) and on a more general note, take the simple things and use them as building blocks. Some painters used to use real ground preacious stones in their work, Just a thought. 

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Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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