To find your natural breathing rythem naturally try this. using any action you choose: For example walking start with a short one in and one out and grow to any number you are comfortable with maybe 41 maybe 5. Now alternate randomly the cycles and proceed for a while till you can pass the function to automatic the same way aiming becomes natural the moment you realize how to let it happen and the cycle that imerges is the natural one for that moment. Remember that there are many variables that effect this. How much you have in your stomach, how sleep have you gotten, how much KG in your hands and on your back. act to prevent lost energy and doing so you will save energy that may be needed later and  think. always think. Sometimes the joy or sadness of a moment can render us slaves to our emotions and you are not whole that way. you breath and your awareness to it will give you better understanding of yourself and you will know when you are up or down before the brick hits. We work to lessen the gap between the recognition and action but be aware that there is one. 

Sometimes we rely on a frame or group for our education. Group meetings have added social nature and so evoke need among us. you should learn to take each moment and make more of it. A walk is a time to think and breath. move naturally and aligned and be a good part of society. Taking dishes out of the rack is a chance to free the hips as you squat and move efficietly as you place the dishes in the best order you can. Same goes for eating, fighting and any other choice we make. And don’t forget to smile. When the face relaxed the whole body does too. That way you have less self to master. 

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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