To really learn sensitivity you have to let go of your ego. The same way you don’t learn to play the violin in a thunder storm. It’s too loud. Now have a partner or more move you as you keep only form for a long while. Do this while standing and on the floor. In a staircase and with closed eyes. The reason for the long duration is you should experience the whole range of movement in all theatres and to the finish so you will not be coping with imaginary choices in the world. The outside matters less on your actions than what is on the inside and if you learn to use whatever emotion or feeling is there than you will be free when you are attacked by surprise and you will, from that freedom, act to reach the logical conclution and avoid framing yourself as victim or a regular joe. There are many tales of heros and rouges. They were born screaming babies just like you. They will die one day, just like all of us. Now roll a few times and try to land exactly where you wanted. Try rolling between door frames. Various widths of doors. over a hill or whatever is there and best, know the rythem or you rolling along a walking person and so on. Even walking backwards close to a walking person can be difficult. try it and add to this. Smart attacks will come when one is favored to win without loss. Your back when carrying a child is a good target. A lone mother with child is a good target. A drunk girl exiting a club at night looking for a ride home is a good target. There is no evil in knowing what can happen. Think through it with the eyes of a proffesional and act. That is all.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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