An easy addition to your work can be made by holding a stick between the arm and the body and turning it here and there with the other arm. Explore what you can do and how you feel the body work together to reach your goal. Check how many places you can snag with and enjoy the work.

A breathing exercise: Exhale and bring the stomach in as deep as you can without pain. If you do it well than you will feel the muscles of the back activated in balancing and later on learn to relax in this form. Now contract the pelvic floor (a flat muscle like the lungs diagfram that sits between the guts and the pelvis) and exhale some more. This helps in becoming aware to the tendons and movement of the hips and neigbour areas. To activate the muscle if it seems strange at first think of stopping a urination action in haste along with an upwards pull. Don’t be afraid to look silly. It makes life interesting and free. (On repetitions: Repeat as much as feels comfortable I do around 10 morning and night and it feels very stimulating) 

*** Also play with how much you can inflate or push the stomach out and in in various poses: Standing on the ground looking up and down and on all fours for example. Move it or loose it :) 

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