In and out of a car: A few of us have cars or drive cars from work. When we are in the car and we mind that the doors are locked we are safe from low level attacks like shouting and spitting and the untrained hand. most windows will give under a metal pipe or a well aimed sharp object at the sides of the window (hitting the middle will just make it look bad) The most open we are is when we enter and get out of the car or lean to get something in or out of it. Night closes in on your zone of awareness and it is best to park were there is light or have a strong light in the car. it can also be used to blind a person at night if you have a powerfull flashlight in the car (not to mention as a club) Look around before you start the in and out (a mugger will prefer someone who is not alert anyway even if you don’t see her or him) Have the key in your hand or at least put one hand on the steering wheel for balance and do it swiftly so you reach a better position with the car locked and you out and unlimbered. This is the same as crossing an open field that cannot be flanked. If you have to do something dangerous you better lessen the time you spend weak. You can also use the door as a shield and as a ram. If someone grabs the door you can leave it and go into the car if you feel confident or have a shovel or something else to teach manners. If you have more than one person in the car than you can work as a team with one person coming out and only than the other, the same as in covering someone elses position in the field or spotting shots in the hunt. If you are taken by surprise you can respond with one of your own like mace attacked to the roof of the car or an ice pick to the back of the hand that grabbs you (if the police comes you will not be sorry to see a 150$ knife taken away … and the back of the hand is very sensitive to cuts and stabs as there is very little meat and a lot of tendons and bone so it is HARD on hard in the worst way for the attacker, the same as a knife to the skull or the spine or top of the foot) If you are sitting and he is outside than you can use your leverage to kick the shins from under him or the knees if possible. If he already grabbed the wheel or seat belt than you can move up a lever and if lets say his hand is on the wheel than you move his elbow to the frame of the door and he will be motivated to let go to avoid getting his joints broken. Anothe motivation can be to pull one part as you push another. Grab his hair (can’t do that to me Cool) as you push his knee away with the flat of your foot and as his structure is altered twist the head and close the door on him or better drive away screaming like a banshee (it reminds you to breath ! and can also wake you and others up. A pro will be silent unless he is playacting a person who is begging for money to get you to open the window or the like, Trust your feelings and don’t worry about looking unkind or harsh. In the end of the day you make the choices)

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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