Some more on group work:

Lie in a row so your bodies touch from foot to shoulder and have one person lie on his back accross you. You roll together to pass the person along the line without loosing him to the sides and continue till everyone does this.

form a line with hands across the shoulders and do these drills together without loosing contact or creating tension: sit up and stand up. Walk in circles and around threats (unstructor with whip) rolling forward and backwards. Sitting against a wall with no chair and getting up again. Walking with the same leg or opposite leg. Do the same drill with people opposign each other and in couples entangling elbows while bach to back.

Now form a line with people in the static push up and have each end crawl under the people as they use their fists elbows torso knees and feet to strike them till all the people have passed through. Than do this drill with the people climbing over the row of people in the static push up.

form a circle and go down to a push up with one arm on the ground and the other on your friends shoulder, go down and up together and smile. Now sit side by side and cross hands over shoulders and legs and do sit ups with a straight back and leg lifts overhead and don’t forget to smile.  Now stand in a circle or in pairs and hold each others leg at hip level and squat together


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