some bodyguard work:

Walk with a person in school and better yet in the field or in the street and maintain a fixed distance from him as you go together and from time to time change the hour you are to him (in front 12, behind 6 to the right 3 and so on)

Walk with a person and keep people from reaching him and touching him without hitting or intimidation. Use simple body mivements and gestures and stay calm. redirect and stop only as the last resort. For example you can point somewhere which is natureal and by that form a block with your hand that is impolite to cross and if it is crossed you can act withing social acceptence to protect your mark.

Walk with a person and as the shot is fired (hand clap, shout, can dropped on the floor) you move him swiftly away and cover him.

Walk with a person and have him act histerical (shout, run away and so on. You cannot expect the mark to work well with you all the time) calm him down as you continue to move and look for changes and developements as you do this.

protect a door or a corridor from people passing through with the least amount of force, try to explain and maintain a calm body language and breathing. Remember to look for new things all the time

Walk or stand with a partner and have others try to come up and steal grab a bag or hat and so on. Protect the life or the mark and remember your priorities.

 In all your drills and work remember the goal behind it. As you move together you have fun and relax and learn about yourself. You should have the notion of blending into the movement of another deep in your head and body and self mastery shall grow from there. Stay humble and honest so you are all here and not partly thinking of how great X is or how good you will be. The key is right in the breath you are taking right now.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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