This drill is taken from Vladimir: You create a path in a crowd using a two man team. One takes them off balance and brings them to his rear as his shadow who stays behind him takes the threat out so the forward can continue. Try to answer these type of questions with the simplest answer and you will learn to do more with less.

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  1. We always encounter dificulties. sometimes he will face a land change like steep stairs and than the second guy can push him or guide his waist. Sometimes there will be a pro working the other side and he will be stopped. There is no solution that fits everything. you work and learn the ways that work for you and from that and from the moment you create a solution, or not. We cannot expect to win every time.


  2. Sharon, I agree the sun falls on the good and evil. My question was related to the flow of the drill -if the first guy encounters difficulty I suppose the 2nd guy should assist- this can mean he finds superior position to help?
    Thank you


  3. If the lead is stuck and they as a team can switch with a mark like a tap and so on this is good as this relates to pro work and getting too involved in someone elses work is damaging to both sides. Sometimes difficulties can help you a lot. For example if you are pushing through a vine and note that your clothes are being pulled and you are feeling stings than maybe this is not the best way to get where you want to go. Keep in mind that the performance of the drill is not the goal. Learning to get the job done is and giving up one step so you can survive is better than being a hero. In class we can push and pull and not get too worried about getting stomped. In life bad things happen too and you need to keep yourself safe above all.


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