Clothes are great tools for grabbing, blinding and hitting. For example you can grab the belt of a person and fall on your behind and he will follow swiftly. you can choke using the jacket or shirt simply by wraping your fingers (start to roll the fingers in from the tips toward the palm just like a baby holding unto a finger and the hold will be much safer and stronger and can be used to create a lot of pain on the flesh of the sides…) around the colar and turning your body in a circle. Another way is to blind a person by hiking the shirt over the head or throwing your jacket over their heads. you can use the loose sides of the pants to lever the person on top of you down or anywhere it suits you and so on. Another thing that can be done with the clothes for your protection is to take the belt out and wrap it around your wrist a few times leaving about 60 cm and the buckle loose and using it as a whip. It is a great way to defend yourself without risking contact with for example a broken bottle. Never stop to breath move and think and the order doesn’t matter.

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