Place your hands on your hips or in any way you feel relaxed and lift one foot off the ground so it hovers very low without getting any suport from the ground. Now move with your body without moving the supporting leg off the ground or changing the angle or hight of the hovering leg. For example turn your entire body as if you are trying to look over your shoudlder and than come back. Now turn inward and outward and play with this so you can always place the foot without having to compensate with the body as you shift the mass to the leg you are planting. Many people raise their legs and place them forward leaving the body in the same state throughout the movement and only once the foot starts to support you you feel the tension you created and move to correct your alignment. Do this drill for both legs and teach yourself to move as a whole without creating tension in your torso and head. Remember that there are other people who give you tension enough for your relaxation practice and leave it to them. Another thing is to make adjustments to your drills after you went through them a few times to suit you best. The instructor is human like you and I make mistakes all the time. I don’t stop moving though and that I believe is the way.

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