Not all practice is done by sweating. for example walk with a friend outside and begin by walking behind him at a comfortable distance and pay attention to anything that happens around him. From time to time circle around him and return to the rear as you maintain your distance and making sure you do not look like you are watching him. Progress to walking on one of his sides and remaining on that side. Again circle him from time to time or on a cue from him you have to grasp. Decide on hand or facial jestures that are natural like running your hand in your hair as signs for walk around me or close to me and so on. Now walk a little to the side and in front of him. This is where you have to extend your senses and help yourself by noticing how others walk and react and sometimes by seeing reflections and other signs of the street or echos from it. Again have signs that are either visual or audio for circle, close to me and go behind and have fun with this. Change rolls for each stage and spend at least an hour doing this. Using the breath scale as you learn will extend your senses and relaxation especially if you focus on the pause between inhale and exhale.

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