Stand one in front of the other and start to move so you are facing their side or back. Walk calmly and after a while add more people to this so one has to face or note as many people as he can according to his own logic (share and compare later) and switch once you become tense. Another drill is to simply push someone as he faces you and wants to hit you. You need to turn him around while he is striking and maybe holding onto you without getting hurt or distracted from whatever is around. Try to do this slowly at first and than build up more intensity and more contact to the head to learn to work through emotion and stay clear.

Stand on one leg and have people push and pull on you. Stay upright and free as much as you can unless it can cause you harm and than roll or fall on your own terms and decide what is best to do on that situation. Don’t forget to kick each other and later on to use the pushers and others as a support to yours. See if you can influence them to counter each other so the pressure on you becomes lower. This can also be done in a squat or on the floor to learn to move more efficiently.

If you get mad or angry there is still a part of you that is learning. Focus on that part after the drill or the contact is over and done and talk about it. To master yourself you have to be aware in your all your faculties all the time. 

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