The squat tells us if our back is relaxed and upright. To get there, there are many ways: Place a tennis or any small ball against the wall and start to roll it up and down and side to side using your back. Add another ball to extend your awareness and continue. Stand naturally and hold a broom between your legs. Now start to move your torso and hands without letting go of the broom to learn to move each part freely. Place your hands on your hips and sit down and get up without momentoum. Repeat several times and change the location of your hands to the small of your back. Repeat and replace several times. The other side is the ankles. To relax them place the toe on the floor and rotate the leg so the toes get a massage and learn their current range of motion. After than place the heel on the floor and repeat the drill. Spread your toes and tighten them and balance on one foot with your eyes closed for a few minutes to learn to relax the ankle further.

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