Have a partner hold your ankle or foot and standing on one leg and moving the least push and pull your leg slowly as you maintain your breath and posture as much as possible. Have him move around you and do drill to all sides. Do both legs and note if there is a change between them and than do the same for your partner as you maintain your balance and relaxation. This is one of the ways to free and build healthy hips and if you put your hands on your hips it connect the hips to the shoulders even more and helps relax the entire body though it may be harder at first so build to this and remember to work everyday. As Vladimir says you have to keep drinking from the fountain of youth.

To do this drill solo, use a chair a heavy sofa or maybe stretch cords that you can find and use for many other things. Do this drill with your eyes closed and check if you rely more on the support your partner is giving you.

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